Glamman Reviews Molecule01 and Declares it a Lifestyle

I got Jim to write a little piece on my fave of his colognes, Molecule01. I can always tell when he’s been in the vicinity by this particlarly divine scent. As far as men’s fragrances go, I typically couldn’t care less. But I care DEEPLY about this one, so I had to share the deets straight from the wearer’s mouth. And Jim even managed to use “ROI” in a nonwork context. Read on…

Molecule01 is not so much a fragrance as it is an effect and a lifestyle. You might need to get this in your lifestyle. The scent is nice-nice but the effect it has on other people is AMAZING.
M01 opens up with a fresh, super-pleasant, almost cedar-like scent… and then it disappears. Gone, nothing, done… then it reappears…then disappears and reappears again… never over-powering. The scent comes and goes in waves but the effect is ULTRA amazing. People are actually nicer to you when you wear this! M01 should be part of every NYC survival kit. It’s the pheromone effect.
The scent rides the wave somewhere between masculine and feminine and I haven’t met anyone who didn’t like it. It might be tough to fork over $135 for a bottle of this potion (and it doesn’t even come with a cap!) but the ROI is phenom. This stuff is the bomb! Could be one of the best colognes ever made.
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