Luxe Lip Lotion

Actually, this one’s more of a serum than a lotion. But alliteration is one of my fave literary devices. So, in case you aren’t familiar, Lisa Hoffman is the wife of the famed Dustin Hoffman, who by sheer coincidence is being mentioned on this blog for the second time within a week (last time, his character Raymond in Rain Man was referenced.) She recently created her own line of skin care products which are simple and convenient to carry, but yield impressive results – I also adore her Day Cream SPF 15 ($75).

Lately, I’m loving her Lip Moisturizer ($45). It’s super-hydrating and my lips drink in its impressive cocktail of olive, avocado, and sweet almond oil (it tastes like the latter.) I love to apply it in the morning, at night, and before using lipstick. It’s also great on its own for a clear, subtle sheen on “no makeup” days. I use it every morning whilst listening to my new fave song, Jordin Sparks’/Chris Brown’s “No Air” on repeat. Though if you listen to the words, it’s kind of the anthem for codependency, but it’s catchy, right? I hope our Fire Island sharemates also like it, because my friend Lauren and I listened to it on a loop pretty much the entire weekend.

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