Other Notable Happenings of the Christmas Break of my Own Creation:

1. I purchased not one but TWO pairs of Prada pants at TJ Maxx in the Main Line. One pair did not even have to be hemmed. To quote my internet friend, Annie of Blogdorf Goodman, it was much like finding a unicorn in my backyard.

2. My very best friend L unearthed a VINTAGE PUCCI NIGHTGOWN of her mother’s that she bestowed unto ME. Guys. It is THE FABULOUSNESS. I may purchase a camera (something I’ve never owned) just so that I can show you the ethereal beauty that is the nightgown. The best part is that her fabulous mother was EXCITED to give it to me! I asked her a thousand times if she was SURE about this transaction and she was. Things got a little sad when I learned that in the 80s, her mother had given away her vintage collection of DVF wrap dresses–but you can’t win them all, can you?

3. I also purchased a navy blue belted sweater dress from French Connection that matches almost too adorably, my new navy tweed flats from Uniqlo (my new fave store in NYC). In fact, the flats are so great that this woman at Neiman Marcus in Chicago almost beat me down asking where I bought them.

I am much looking forward to a weekend of studying current events (my test is coming up!) and relaxing with some tea. Can you believe in my Time Magazine fervor, I somehow missed that Justin and Cameron are rumored to have broken up? Yet I can name you 5 Middle Eastern Heads of State. Wonders never cease. Have a fantastic weekend.

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