Motivate Monday, Because There’s Still One More Weekend of Coachella Left

Treadmills aren’t just for running. There is a whole host of moves you can do on the treadmill to build strength. Watch some of the moves from Equinox’s Shred and Tread class.

The New York Times has made this extensive guide titled “How to Start Working Out”. This guide helps you understand the benefits of exercise, offers tips for staying motivated, pushes you to set goals, provides workout plans, and so so much more!


Last week’s Motivate Monday featured a basic guide on intermittent fasting—what it is, the various intermittent fasting plans that exist, etc. This week, to help your decision as to whether to try intermittent fasting, read about 5 types of people who can benefit from intermittent fasting and 5 types of people who should avoid it.

Do you really need to worry whether you’re getting complete proteins or incomplete proteins? Do you even know what those terms mean? Find the answers to all your questions here.


Obianuju Enworom

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