Primping All Over The World: Phuket, Thailand

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ALL this foot paraphernalia in the teeny tiny Phuket pharmacy. About 20% of the beauty offerings were foot-related.

Asia is a Russian nesting doll of varied beauty inclinations.

Korea’s and Thailand’s commitment to straightening attachments on standard-issue blow-dryers is a thing of beauty, quite frankly. Thailand’s focus on providing toothbrushes and toothpaste is completely commendable. The beauty culture in Phuket? It’s all about smooth, well maintained FEET. You’ve never seen anything like it. In the teeny tiny pharmacies, there are no fewer than 10 different types of loofah foot soaps and a cornucopia of exfoliating foot creams, one of which I bought and is utterly divine.

At Phu Massage, a salon in Andaman, Phuket; I got the rub-down of my life but my masseuse was like, visibly horrified by my feet, which had been professionally pedicured fewer than two weeks prior. I wound up getting foot-shamed into a massive pedi where every single speck of dead skin was assassinated John Wilkes Booth style, leaving baby-smooth tootsies in its wake. I am a RUNNER, friends. That isn’t a small task. The massage I had a few days prior was preceded by a hot towel on my feet pre massage to ensure they were pristine.

New Yorkers, be warned: Do not roll up to Phuket without fastidiously exfoliated feet or you will get some LOOKS, even from the ladyboys.

Have you noticed the prevalence of foot paraphernalia in Phuket? Tell me all about it in the comments.

Primping All Over The World is a series featuring beauty customs I learn about in my travels. It’s all very Margaret Mead.

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