Five Rules For Life: Jaime Maser

Jaime Maser runs her own PR firm, Maser Communications, in addition to her Media Intel, an e-blast (for $50 a year) that covers the many moves of beauty and lifestyle editors. The former VP of Global Communications at La Prairie is my go-to resource for spray tan info, the best beauty stories online at the moment, and a host of other topics. Here,  her Five Rules For Life, Here they are, in Jaime’s words.
1. Don’t yuck someone else’s yum.  
This gem comes from my older sister Rachel, who uses this with my nieces (she’s got 3 girls) all the time to keep them in check… and it works!  You may not like cilantro or country music, but no need to hate on someone who does.  Different strokes for different folks, right?
2. Never underestimate the power of Ss.  
The “S” is a Maser (well, it actually goes back to the Schmerlings – my mom’s side) family term for a surprise or treat, big or small.  My fiancé loves jellybeans, so if I’m restocking on shampoo at CVS, I’ll pick up a bag of jellybeans for him as an “S” – a just-because treat.  My PR Coordinator went above and beyond at the office to help out with an event?  I’ll get her a manicure gift certificate to show my appreciation.  S’s are guaranteed to make people smile and feel good – and who doesn’t want to bestow that upon someone else?
3. Never leave home without a mini toothbrush, reading material, a bottle of water and snacks in your bag.  
Trust me on this one.  These things will ensure you’re happy no matter what situation you may find yourself in…say, an epic subway ride or a last minute meeting or date.  Also, who doesn’t feel better after they brush their teeth?  (Don’t judge that prior statement; I’m the daughter of a dentist and practice what I preach / have been taught my whole life.)
4. It’s all about the details.  
Spelling someone’s first name right (Jaime vs. Jamie).  Putting flowers out when expecting guests.  Remembering a colleague’s children’s names.  Saying thank you.  As a professional publicist, I pride myself on detail-oriented events, from the moment the invitation is sent to the last guest getting their goodie bag as they walk out the door.  No detail is too small.
5. I have access to the best beauty products in the world, and I have to say, great skincare makes the difference.  
Women are constantly purchasing high ticket handbags, shoes, jewelry, home décor, etc… doesn’t your face deserve that attention too?  It’s your calling card to the world; invest in products that help it look its best, a la a solid serum, moisturizer and eye cream. Trust me.

Thanks, Jaime!

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  1. Briana

    I like this advice! 2,3 and 4 especially stand out to me. I love to shower those I love, admire and appreciate with small “just because” gifts. Truly a positive thing for both parties.



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