One Small Health Hack: Turn Down For What?

Introducing new R18 health/fitness series, One Small Health Hack! In it, I’ll share one small tweak you can make to your existing nutrition or fitness regimen that will yield results if you stick with it.

QUINOAIn an effort to TRY to become a morning person (a life-long goal, it seems), I’ve moved my wakeup time a full half hour earlier in the last year, but I’m still going to bed between 12 and 1a.

intercontinental_hotel_turndown_serWhile I work on THAT, I did glean this cool tip from John Zeratsky. He says to do a DIY “turndown” service, where at 7pm (his bedtime is 9:45pm, #goals), he closes the curtains in the bedroom, removes decorative pillows from the bed and pulls back the covers. I’d add some scintillating jazz music and maybe light a candle, to be blown out at my return.

Genius, no? And such a small thing to add into the mix.


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