Vaseline Intensive Care Advance Relief Healing Serum


This winter has felt like an unending saga of polar vortices separated by brief respites of simply standard-issue chilly temperatures. Which makes maintaining my moisture levels a special project in and of itself! To keep my skin smooth and hydrated, I’ve been making an effort to lotion up after each shower or bath and use the new Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Healing Serum – it’s one of my new favorites!

Skin like butter is always vital, but it’s even more so now that I’m dating a guy whose soft-skin game is so strong, I actually question what I’m bringing to the table skin-care wise. And it’s a new predicament for me, obviously. Boasting an elegant feel and super-quick absorption, this lotion gets it right. It combines PPR Activators, which replenish lipids and boost your skin’s natural renewal cycle; Elastomers for a smooth, luxe product feel and Vaseline® Jelly to heal and protect skin for long lasting hydration.

Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Healing Serum retails for $8 at

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