Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness 6 Fix: ‘Girls,’ ‘Broad City’ + More


sink1. The verdict is in: 2014 was the worst [via a straw poll of every single person I know]. The year ahead is going to be great, and consistently the best piece of life advice I’ve come across is simple: stop trying to be happy.


2. Girls is back TONIGHT. 

broadcity3. Furthermore, Broad City is coming back this week: Season 2 premieres January 14th on Comedy Central!

comic4. Let this be a year of healing: why suffering doesn’t actually make us stronger.

care less5. Here’s to a year of healthy relationships and healing: you don’t need other people to validate YOUR feelings!

food6. Where to eat in 2015. Thank you, NY Mag!

Happy noshing, viewing, and just enjoying the week ahead! 

—Sara Veljic

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