Meet The Tomato Red And Muted Bone Polishes Of Your Dreams: Nails Inc By Victoria, Victoria Beckham

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In just a couple weeks, it’ll be 2015, the year I’ve been waiting for since it was “previewed” in 1989’s “Back To The Future II,” also known as my favorite movie ever. Mostly, I’m disappointed by how NOT most things launching are not as futuristic but count Nails Inc By Victoria, Victoria Beckham patently NOT on that list. This stuff comes from another dimension and I like it. The packaging? To die.

Formulated with Nails inc’s new Stretch-to-Fit technology and Bamboo Extract with Silica, the polishes promote nail growth, reduce imperfections, and help to ensure a smooth application. Available in Judo Red (vibrant tomato red, on my talons now and it is GLORIOUS) and Bamboo White (chic muted bone, the next to be tested)  inspired by Japanese pattern and design. $25 each at

What do you think of these shades? Yay or nay? (I say yay.)

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