Steal The Secrets To Kristen Stewart's Hairstyle At The 'Still Alice' Screening


Hairstylist Giannandrea created this rocker chic look for Kristen Stewart’s appearance at the “Still Alice” screening. Here, the beauty breakdown.

“I started on wet hair and applied ample amounts of Macadamia Professional Foaming Volumizer (6oz $25, to the entire head. Then I created a deep side part on the left side of the head. Then I combed the hair up & back as if we were creating a pompadour and with a round brush I blew the hair dry adding extra volume. Next I smoothed the sides back with Macadamia Professional Healing Oil Treatment ($39.95, 4.2oz giving the hair a sleek, tight look.

Once the whole head is dry I took a good amount of Macadamia Professional Whipped Detailing Cream ($26, and with hands ran it throughout the whole top to create a heavy texture. Next I took a flat iron and flatten it a bit at the ends, to give it an extra edgy look.
To finish I sprayed the hair with Macadamia Professional Control Working Spray ($23, 10oz which set the hair in place without being too stiff.”

Yay or nay on this look on Kristen Stewart?

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