Blizzard Essential: Restoration Harware Wolf Faux Fur Throw


I have a long history with being attracted to small, slope-ceiling’ed garrets at the top floor. The writer in me has always craved interesting walls and ceilings (I can’t RESIDE in a square room, are you mad? That’s for unspecial people) high up in the sky, where no one will walk over my head and interesting ideas float in via the isosceles triangles that comprise the space.

A saying people oft utter (along with other trite lines like “Love happens when you least expect it” and “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”) is that heat rises, and while that’s true, it also takes more energy to send heat to the top floor and this winter’s been the roughest of the 3 that I’ve spent in my current apartment. So when I was gifted with this wolf faux fur throw from Restoration Hardware from a beauty brand the other day, it was a welcome addition to my home. My space heater works when it’s right in front of me, but wrapping myself up in this blanket is luxury all the way. Plus, it feels patently un-faux, if you must know. Get involved.

Buy the faux fur wolf throw on sale at Restoration Hardware for $79.

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