5 Things To Try This Weekend

1. A Sickening Running Playlist

It took me years to learn that the key to running = C25K + Britney Spears. That’s it. Mystery solved.

2. Get Your Legging Game In Gear

Flaunt your curves with these new Dress To Slimpress leather leggings by Spanx, $82. 

3.  READ Something, You Philistine. 

How about Shocked by Patricia Volk, mother of my delightful friend Polly Blitzer, $19 on amazon.com?

4. Download iOS7

And be dragged kicking and screaming into this century, as Edie Monsoon of Ab Fab fame says. 

5. Brand All Your Chargers

With this gold Washi Tape, under $4 at Etsy

What are you doing this weekend? Go. 

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