Prescriptives Custom Blend Live Video Chat: Choose Your Own Foundation Destiny

For many people, the foundation shade selection is cute for them, in the parlance of Kid Fury. At best, you’ll find something CLOSE to your natural skin tone. But why not identify something that MATCHES EXACTLY your natural skin tone? To paraphrase a famous philosopher we both know (Britney Spears), why not say “No thanks. I choose my own foundation destiny?”

Prescriptives feels that and has taken their famed franchise of custom blending to the web with their Custom Blend Live Video Chat with the Prescriptives Beauty Genius offering.  The brand is the U.S. line to launch Live Video Chat/photo upload technology.

In the Live Video Chat service boasts a virtual counter where you can consult one-on-one in a Live Video Chat with Prescriptives Beauty Geniuses for personalized advice on skincare, makeup, and foundation, including the option to order the brand’s signature Custom Blend Foundation and Custom Blend Powder. My Beauty Genius, Nikki, hooked this gal up with my perfect shade and coverage level of foundation and powder and I even scored a mini foundation for travel. 

For more info, check out the Prescriptives Live Video Chat service page

Did you custom blend at Px in the ’90s or early aughts? Have you tried Prescriptives’ Custom Blend Live Video Chat yet? 

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