Thank You, Joan Rivers

Fiercely smart, funny-as-hell, perfectly put together, yes, but who knew Joan Rivers was the guru of gams? Well, maybe those of you who watch QVC – I don’t happen to.  Nevertheless, I did see an ad for her as-seen-on TV leg make-up and made a beeline for the nearest department store that sold it.

Does it work?  You bet.  From Joan Rivers Beauty, The Right to Bare Legs (subtitled “Corrective cover-up for fabulous legs in a flash”) is a godsend to women of a certain age.  As Ms. Rivers says, “Panty hose I can live without.” But when faced with old lady legs – you know, those thin-skinned, bluish-veined shins, calves, etc., only a serious substitute will do.
Yet it’s not really age-specific.  According to the blister pack container, it “Covers imperfections instantly:  bruises, spider veins, varicose veins, scars, tattoos…Blends easily for perfect coverage…Waterproof and will not transfer off.”   I can readily attest to all three claims.  
The cream comes in three shades – Fair, Medium and Dark and includes excellent instructions along with helpful tips.  

Joan Rivers says “I’ll never give up my skirts.”  We shouldn’t either.  

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