Oscars Makeup & Nails: Kristen Stewart

Even on crutches, Kristen Stewart killed it on the Oscars red carpet. Beau Nelson created Kristen Stewart‘s lovely makeup look for the evening, while her nails were tended to by celebrity manicurist Ashlie Johnson. Here’s how to get Kristen Stewart’s makeup and nails looks, respectively. 

Inspiration: “Kristen’s  dress  is  an  ombre  rosé  colored  gown  with  intricate  Swarovski  detail.  I  wanted  to  create  a  beautiful  rose  monochrome  look  with  creamy  skin,  rose  cheeks  and  rose  lips.  I  even  used  rose  colored  shadow  under  smoky  layers  of  taupe  and  brown  to  create  a  very  diffused  smoky  eye,” says Nelson. 
I  started  by  prepping  the  skin  with  CHANEL  Sublimage  La  Crème  Yeux  and  CHANEL  Hydra  Beauty  Serum  to  
hydrate  the  skin,  layered  with  CHANEL  Sublimage  La  Crème  to  give  the  skin  a  beaufful  dewy  glow.  I  used  a  sponge  to  
apply  Le  Blanc  de  Chanel  Sheer  Illuminating  Base  to  the  high  planes  of  the  face  and  under  the  eyes  for  a  subtle  highlighting  effect.  
I  used  two  shades  of  CHANEL  Vitalumière  Aqua  Fresh  And  Hydra ng  
Cream  Compact  Sunscreen  Makeup  Broad  Spectrum  SPF  15,  and  used  CHANEL  
Correcteur  Perfecon  Long  Lasting  Concealer  in  Beige  Claire  under  the  eyes  to  
brighten  them.  
I  applied  CHANEL  Powder  Blush  in  Tumulte  to  the  apples  of  the  cheekbones  
and  blended  back  towards  the  hairline  quite  low  on  the  cheek  to  preserve  the  
highlights  of  the  face.  I  finished  by  applying  a  translucent  powder  all  over  the  face  
except  the  tops  of  the  cheekbones.  
I  applied  CHANEL  So  Touch  Eyeshadow  in  Rose  Favorite,  a  rose  
colored  shadow,  to  the  crease  of  the  eye  and  all  the  way  around  the  eye,  with  a  so  
brush  to  create  a  super  so  focus  pink  haze  around  the  eye.  I  then  applied  CHANEL  
Quadra  Eyeshadow  in  Raffinement  in  smoky  layers  around  the  eye  and  into  the  pink  
shadow  I  had  applied  before.  I  used  the  darkest  shade  near  the  outer  edge  of  the  
eye,  top  and  bottom,  to  give  it  shape.  I  then  applied  CHANEL  Stylo  Yeux  Waterproof  
Long-­‐Lasng  Eyeliner  in  Santal  to  the  top  lashes  and  blended  it  well.  
I  curled  lashes  and  applied  Le  Volume  de  Chanel  Mascara  in  Noir  top  and  bottom.  
Lips  were  shaded  with  CHANEL  Precision  Lip  Definer  in  Rubellite  and  CHANEL  Rouge  Coco  Hydrating  Crème  Lip  
Colour  in  Legende  applied  with  a  brush,  but  then  blended  slightly  with  my  finger  to  create  a  so  focus  lip  that  wasn’t  
too done. 

Johnson’s inspiration was “goddess cool.” 
“CHANEL  Le  Vernis  Nail  Colour  in  Emprise  on  the  hands  was  a  perfect  match  for  her  
pinky  nude  sparkly  gown.  To  keep  her  inner  rock  star  cool,  and  keep  it  from  looking  too  much  like  a  little  girl,  we  used  CHANEL  Le  Vernis  Nail  Colour  in  Western  Light  on  her  toes.  
I  soaked  both  her  hands  and  feet  then  used  CHANEL  Gommage  Microperlé  
Éclat  Maximum  Radiance  Exfolia ng  Gel,  massaged  her  with  CHANEL  Body  Excellence  
Nourishing  and  Rejuvena ng  Hand  Cream,  cleansed  the  nail  and  applied  CHANEL  Base  
Protectrice  Protecve  Base  Coat,  then  two  coats  of  CHANEL  color,  and  finished  with  CHANEL  Extreme  Shine  Nail  Lacquer.”
What do you think of Kristen Stewart’s look at the 2013 Oscars? 

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  1. Jessica

    @Julianne Reiser – Actually, she really didn’t have much of a say in it, I don’t think. I read an article where her hairdresser had already decided how he wanted to do her hair days before – he called it “glam hair.” Anyways, she seems very sweet – shy, but nice. I don’t understand all the hate that she gets – it seems like people use any excuse to say something nasty.


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