L’Oreal Acquires Urban Decay

Urban Decay‘s long been an indie brand, so this news that L’Oreal has purchased it is kind of sad for me. The French cosmetics brand acquired Urban Decay from private equity firm Castanea Partners as part of an effort to reach more upscale young consumers.

L’Oreal did not say how much it paid for California-based Urban Decay. The brand was created in 1996 by make-up expert Wende Zomnir and had sales of $130 million in its fiscal year ended June 2012.
What are your thoughts on the acquisition? 

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1 Comment L’Oreal Acquires Urban Decay

  1. TrinaDJ'smom

    I think this news is awful! Urban Decay has always been known for its ‘out of the box’ concepts, originality & awesome quality. Look at the massive trend they’ve set with the Naked concept! With L’oreal in charge it will probably get gimmicky & low quality so they can make more money.


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