Smells like Sicilian Sprit

By Julia Casella

I’m in Sicily this month which means this is the best time to reveal one of my (or dare I say, all time) favorite perfumes: Dolce and Gabbana Sicily. I have lusted after this scent since its 2003 launch but alas it was much too sophisticated, sensual and luxurious for an 11 year-old–so it was gifted to my aunt who, appropriately so, lives near Catania. The perfume then truly took on the scent of the island, as every visit involved an innocent spray of the fragrance –of a future to come in which I would be old enough to wear it. Musky, yet extremely light and with notes of Sicilian bergamots and honeysuckle I find that it literally smells like passion- dramatic, seductive, Sicilian passion.

My reaction then to its discontinuation was very similar to Monica Bellucci’s performance in the TV advertisement

Luckily, Dolce and Gabbana Sicily is still available on

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