I have dreams about real estate.

I harbor visions of an apartment on Irving Place, close to my favorite sushi restaurant in NYC, Choshi. (Seriously, if anyone wanted to assassinate me, it’d be pretty easy. I’m always there.) Another of my real estate fantasies is a brownstone with a pool on roof. I heard long ago that there are 12 of them in NYC. Woody Allen owns one, just to give you an idea of just how pipe this dream is. But the best real estate? Is four pages in Vogue‘s September issue.

My collection of September issues. 

For the 2012 issue, the magazine feted 120 years with 916 pages–four of which are an Olay advertorial I wrote showcasing the brand’s Regenerist line. I am honored and elated to be included in THE issue of THE magazine–an issue I’ve been collecting for the past decade. If anyone knocks vision boards–just know that I’ve had one from a year ago with a Vogue September cover with my byline on it.

Here’s to adding one more special edition to my collection.

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