‘Savages’ Review

Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson as Chon and Ben, respectively

I saw “Savages” last night with my friend Jill and while it was far from an amazing movie, I do think it’s worth seeing. Blake Lively boasts a body that warrants two boyfriends, and her insanely covetable wardrobe of chemises and maxi dresses are so Orange County in a good way.

Taylor as Chon. I KNOW.

I loathe her tattoos, but I love her LIFESTYLE.

And RIGGINS. Riggins clean cut. Riggins as a former marine. I have a weakness for a military men and Taylor Kitsch did the damn thing–which even I have to admit he hasn’t since “Friday Night Lights.”

Aaron Johnson

And Aaron Johnson? I can’t even. Naturally I had to bust out my phone and look him up WHILST watching the flick and was horrified to find out that I’d been salivating over a 22 year-old. A MARRIED 22 year-old (to a woman 23 years his senior). WITH TWO KIDS. In the movie, Aaron plays hippie-esque Ben, a botanist who wants to save the world. It took me a while to get into his facial hair (I’m usually not a fan) and his lengthy locks–but once I did, he totally Clive Owen’d Taylor Kitsch. As in, he did what Clive Owen did to Jude Law in “Closer.” Remember? No one gave a rat’s about Jude after that. He was totally dunzo and his hotness game was robbed. A similar event? When Ben Affleck Clive Owen’d Jon Hamm in “The Town.” You know what I mean.

Salma Hayek as Elena La Reina

“Savages” on a certain level is definitely trying to be “Blow,” which, of course, was trying to be “Scarface” (another Oliver Stone flick) and it’s beyond violent. But Salma Hayek as the cartel leader evil mastermind slathering her face in about $90 worth of La Mer? Priceless.

Did you see “Savages” this weekend? What did you think? And do you agree with me about Aaron Johnson?

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7 Comments ‘Savages’ Review

  1. Anonymous

    I saw it and loved it! I left the theater having the biggest crush on Aaron Johnson. I think his long hair is what drew me in. I still can’t believe he’s married to a woman twice his age. Oh, well.

  2. Valerie

    I want to see this movie, but more for Taylor Kitsh than anything else. 🙂 It’s the same reason I saw The Covenant. lol The premise seems interesting so I figure I won’t be bored.

  3. Angela

    I saw it last night as well. I had high hopes, and was disappointed! I guess I was expecting a serious drama. Although of course, I loved the eye candy!


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