Destination: Procrastination

How to defrizz Barbie’s mane
[Housing A Forest]

Good news: You’re not fake
[The Gloss]

Maureen Dowd is (rightfully) disgusted by Sandusky and pens an excellent column about his trial
[The New York Times]

Penguins are crazy sex maniacs–see? They don’t just LOOK like they’re having more fun. They are
[How About We]

Some fun vintage bikini ads

A rather genius list of travel accessories (like the one on the right)

Spray tanning is dangerous, says a Penn study. I’m glad I stick to towelettes and creams (only because I’m clumsy, but still)
[Allure Daily Beauty Reporter]

Your perfect summer party look
[Betty Confidential]

Best of “Dads Are The Original Hipsters,” one of my favorite Tumblrs
[College Candy]

Mercedes Benz is coming out with a fragrance for men…

The world’s largest coffee cup
[The Luxury Spot]

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