Skinterrogation: Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank

The Skinterrogation column features Q&A seshes with dermatologists and other major movers and shakers in the skin care industry. 

Um, I agree–Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank’s pretty spicy.

Happy almost Memorial Day weekend, beauty friends. I hope you’re bringing copious amounts of SPF with you on your jaunts. It’s Melanoma Awareness Month, so get checked and slather up. To that end, I’m excited to present the latest installment of the Skinterrogation column–a Q&A with Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank. Here, he answers my burning questions about the best ways to exfoliate, addressing anti-aging and acne, among other topics.

Beauty Blogging Junkie: Tell me a little about your background.
Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank: I was born and raised in Manhattan and am the Founder and Director of The Fifth Avenue Dermatology Surgery and Laser Center. Cultivating a sophisticated clientele, I become renowned for his expertise in minimally invasive cosmetic surgery. Published by Random House in 2002, TURNING BACK THE CLOCK WITHOUT LOSING TIME: A Complete Guide to Quick and Easy Cosmetic Rejuvenation, has become the doctor’s first “bible” for the consumer. In 2005, I separated skin care’s myth and magic with the launch of my own line of products for the consumer market- pfrankmd skincare.

BBJ: What are your top three anti-aging recommendations?
a) Sunscreen!
b) Start early–if something bothers you then address it early, treating it is much easier that way.
c) Keep your skincare as simple as possible staying consistent with the products you like.

BBJ: What are your top three tips for addressing acne?
PJF: Do not pick! That only causes scarring. Minimize lack of sleep, unhealthy diet, stress–they are not the cause, but they do make it worse. Also, see a dermatologist –taking treatment into your own hands can cause problems.

BBJ: For someone with normal skin, do you recommend physical or chemical exfoliators?
PJF: Physical vs. chemical exfoliants are a personal preference, there is no “best” so each person should try both to see which they like best.

BBJ: How often should one exfoliate?
PJF: Start exfoliation 2 times a week and gradually increase up to 5. Everybody has a sweet spot short of causing excess irritation.

BBJ: What’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to you in the course of your career?
PJF: The most exciting thing in my career has been the overwhelming advancements in technology and pharmacology which started just when I did in 2000. From botox to lasers–the playing field of cosmetic dermatology has dramatically expanded.

BBJ: What are some of your favorite over-the-counter skin care products?
PJF: I love GoodSkin Labs–I have worked with them on a consulting level for three years now. The products are simple, problem-focused, attentive to immediate and long term cosmetic improvement, and are very cost-effective.

BBJ: What’s your own skin care regimen?
PJF: I use my own branded aloe vera-based skin cleanser and moisturizer called pfrankmd along with a slightly tinted sunscreen I call UVshade.

BBJ: What do you recommend for treating hyper pigmentation?
PJF: Aside from sunscreen, I generally try to stay away for hydroquinone based products. To treat specific small spots, I use the Goodskin Labs product Equinol. For the entire face, I use Elure which is a novel mushroom extract and certainly I use a lot of laser treatments with devices such as Fraxel.

BBJ: What’s your desert island skin care product?
My desert island product is Skinceuticals’ Daily Sun Defense 20 with micronized zinc oxide …I literally take tons of it whenever I visit a desert island 🙂

Love it. Thanks, Dr. Frank!

Have a great Mem Day Weekend, everyone! What are you packing in your beach bags? Tell me everything. Go.

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