New: Mally Face Defender Foundation Is My Favorite Foundation IN THE WORLD

Mally‘s new Face Defender Foundation with SPF 15 is INCREDIBLE, friends.

It doesn’t just hide imperfections. That’s glamateur stuff. It Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless MINDS them. With a B.B. cream-like consistency (and protection value with SPF 15), the velvety formula glides on like a damn dream while antiaging ingredients abound. All the while, it mattifies, evens skin tone and diminishes the appearance of fine lines.

Your hyperpigmentation is Clementine.

What are the odds that an oil free foundation could make you appear more youthful AND perfectly camouflage every speck of redness? Probably similar to the odds that I’d unintentionally watch three things featuring Richard Masur in a single day (License to Drive, Heartburn and Girls), but that happened. Believe it, beauties.

Mally Face Defender Foundation retails for $45, available May 26.

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7 Comments New: Mally Face Defender Foundation Is My Favorite Foundation IN THE WORLD

  1. frill

    I bought this based on this post and OMG YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! I hadn’t worn liquid foundation in years, but I’ve been doing chemical peels and Tazorac and needed a liquid foundation just for a tiny bit of moisture. The coverage is amazing without feeling gloopy and gross. It’s heavenly.

  2. Anonymous

    How does this compare to Mat Velvet+? I’ve been using that based on your recommendation but I’m not sure if I want to repurchase. While it’s the ONLY foundation to control my oil and I love the coverage, it sometimes makes me look a little..old I think? Is the Mally a light coverage/BB cream thing?


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