RIP, Vidal Sassoon.

Vidal Sassoon, head honcho of the haircut, passed away today at 84. He was one of the most respected stylists in the industry and took the beauty world by storm with his architectural hair shapes. I lived for the dusky, shiny locks he tended to in his ’80s commercials.

I used to scream to my mother that I needed Vidal Sassoon everything. RIP, Vidal.

If you don’t look good, we don’t look good. 

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2 Comments RIP, Vidal Sassoon.

  1. Anonymous

    I really love his hairstyles. His later styles were so soft (70’s)….I watched this documentary about him through Netflix that I really enjoyed.

  2. Sandra Martin

    A good man who did a lot for women’s self esteem and revolutionized our world. He did a lot of good for so many with his life. I never heard a breath of scandal about him. Class act. RIP, earned it. Thank you.


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