Official Mascara Correspondent: Estee Lauder Sumptuous Two Tone Eye-Opening Mascara

Official Mascara Correspondent Ashleigh tests out Estee Lauder Sumptuous Two Tone Eye-opening Mascara. How does she fare? Read her review and find out.

 For those of who’ve read my reviews, you know that I have a bone to pick with colored mascaras. I always want so much more out of them that what they give me. So I was looking forward to giving the new Estee Lauder version a try.

 This double-ended mascara comes in three versions, each paired Bold Black: Rich Brown, Rich Blue and Rich Plum. With my green eyes, I tried the latter of the three shades. To start, the Bold Black end of the mascara is awesome. With its skinny Christmas-tree shape, I was able to get to every last lash for some great coverage. The formula is creamy, so there’s lots of play time and I was left with full lashes with a bit of curve. When I moved on to the Rich Plum side, the brush was more a small teardrop shape. While I was able to get really nice full tapered lashes while being clump-free, I say little-to-no difference color-wise. There wasn’t much Rich Plum to be had. Even with an afternoon touch-up (which was great in regards to the look), the color really wouldn’t stick.

 The mascara washed off easy at the end of the day with soap and water which is a plus, but if you’re looking for this mascara to be about color, you’ll be disappointed. While I love the payoff of the Bold Black mascara, the color payoff wasn’t my favorite.

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2 Comments Official Mascara Correspondent: Estee Lauder Sumptuous Two Tone Eye-Opening Mascara

  1. Carlie

    Sounds like a really nice mascara, love the fact that it comes off so easily, a lot of mascaras are just painful to try and take off.


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