New: Ellis Faas Spring Gift Set

The question is what the eff to wear to your Passover/Easter celebrashe. The answer? Ellis Faas‘ new Spring Gift Set. It’s pastels with a dusty meets milky tone in creamy textures. It’s an edgy pastel. Think of it as the Daria Morgendorffer of pastels, but pretty enough for Quinn. You remember Daria’s sister Quinn? She had that friend who was always like, “Quiiinnnnnnnn. If you want to be a member of the FASHION CLUB…”

The set contains the Creamy Eyes E106, a lilac taupe that’s PERF to create a softer smokey eye. The lilac Light E304 can be used for amethyst-like sparkly highlights. To complete the set, Ellis chose the juicy, nude pink Milky Lips L207, which compliments the eye products.

Ellis Faas’ Spring Gift Set is available on for $85.

La la la la la…

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