Fictionary: Imprompdo

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Me rocking my imprompdo. Pic courtesy of Marina!

So on Tuesday, I had to rock an imprompdo–an updo that was more the result of circumstance than my wanting to wear my hair up. Because I NEVER wear my hair up. I believe the last time I did was in 2008 when I was in my friend Amber’s Bahamas wedding and it was about 300 degrees there in June and I was forced to.

My hair is sort of my thing–I rock it the way other people do accessories. But the Viviscal I’ve been taking–while genius, amazing, life-changing, divine–it makes my roots pretty oily after 48 hours. And since Tuesday was an in-office day followed by a Redken event and then a livestream for Victoria’s Secret (Very Sexy For Spring 2012) from 8-11pm, I plum didn’t have time to wash my hair before heading to the evening events. And dry shampoo helps, but not enough. Mama needs a wash. Because it was such a late night, I’d extended my blowout about 8 hours beyond the norm (which is already pushing it, I should really be washing daily when taking Viviscal) and was forced to rock a topknot, my imprompdo of choice. Read on..

The weird thing is, I got an incredibly positive response from all of my friends and colleagues, despite the fact that I felt like a cat whose whiskers had been clipped. You know how cats need their whiskers to determine how wide they are and what spaces they can fit into, for space perception? In fact, upon reaching the Victoria’s Secret show, the brand’s publicist Anna (a total doll) asked me to ask a question of MIRANDA KERR live at the livestream (so now, just to reiterate, I’m talking to a VICTORIA’S SECRET  ANGEL/supermodel LIVE with the hair I’m loathing LIVE on Victoria’s Secret website while thousands watch) and THEN, the video guy asked me to participate in a quick interview for the VS website. All with my hair that’s in the same style I wear to SLEEP. Had I known any of the above would be happening, I’d have sprung for a major blowout.

You can see the livestream (which was really cool, by the way–incredible special guests
fashion photographer Russell James, nutritionist to the stars Oz Garcia and Pure Barre Founder & CEO Carrie Rezabek Dorr, in addition to VS model/angel Erin Heatherton. Check out the show here.

What’s your best impromdo story? And do you typically wear your hair down? Tell me everything. Go.

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  1. mamavalveeta03

    I think it actually is extremely flattering up. You should wear it that way more often (when you’re not demo-ing your expertise with the Beach Styler on QVC,that is!!)


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