Watch Me Model Sarah Potempa’s Beachwaver Tonight On QVC!

Remember in Economics class when you’d talk about widgets as a placeholder name (usually made at Acme Corporation) for a mechanical device as an abstract unit of production? Well, one of my favorite hairstylists Sarah Potempa has gone and invented THE WIDGET OF WIDGETS and it’s called the Beachwaver and I only wish I could go back and redo my Econ project on the economic value of Dots (you know, the colorful Halloween candy) and check out the progress of the sales of this rotating curling iron that gets you Gisele hair with the touch of a button. SERIOUSLY. It’s incredibly easy to use AND you can finally ensure that you’re waves aren’t too uniform in the manner of Rainman as there are separate buttons you push to wave the right and left sides of your hair. My gal Rachel from Beauty High and I will be acting as hair models on Sarah’s QVC segment tonight at 11pm.  Read on…

How does the Beachwaver work? After loosely blow drying hair, separate hair into a left and right section using the Darby (named after Sarah’s dog) strong hold clips. Using the Beachwaver, select Left (L) or Right (R) based on the side of hair you are curling. This will control which direction the curling iron rotates to ensure both sides look fabulous. Because you can use it on rough-dried hair, it actually takes less time than my regular at-home blowouts and my hair looks BETTER in the end. You must get involved.

Check out this video of Sarah demonstrating exactly how it works:

The Beachwaver retails for $189 on

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