Jessica Simpson Nude & Pregnant On The Cover Of Elle

What do we think of Jessica Simpson‘s naked pregnant cover of Elle? I know I have a tendency to be totally prissy–and as you may expect after a statement like that, I hate it. I hated it when Demi did it, but at least she was original. I just don’t want to see anyone nude and pregnant on the cover of a fashion mag. Sorry I’m not SORRY. Pregnant? Okay. Nude and pregnant? No. No. No.

What’s your stance on this?

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2 Comments Jessica Simpson Nude & Pregnant On The Cover Of Elle

  1. mamavalveeta03

    Pregnant and nude doesn’t bother me…for one’s own boudoir. But like you said, UNORIGINAL!! Demi did it first, and Jessica is a blatant copy. Plus, and this is just snarky…she’s only 5 months pregnant at this shoot!!!

  2. styrch

    Hmmm… Nude = ok. Pregnant = ok. I don’t even necessarily mind Nude AND Pregnant, but not my thing for a fashion mag cover. Will it get more buzz? Oh yeah, probably. But Jessica Simpson nude AND pregnant – not my thing. REALLY not my thing. Someone else perhaps, but Jessica Simpson just doesn’t inspire me at all in this shot. I don’t even want to look at it. So at last on her, I’m in agreement.


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