Multiples Are Back?

 Remember Multiples by Sandra Garratt in the ’80s? I never had them, but I wanted them BADLY. Of course, like everything I didn’t have–a TV in my room, no one stopping me from watching PG 13 movies at the age of seven, Popples, etc.–my best friend at the time Rachel Schwartz did. And did we ever dress up in that shit like total HUSSIES. Of course, we didn’t even venture out of her bedroom. I think if her younger brother even saw us rocking two tubes–one as a strapless top and one as a mini skirt–we’d have been incredibly embarrassed. But that didn’t stop us from pretending we were getting ready for a night on the town.

So imagine my surprise to see this STRAIGHT UP MULTIPLE by Von Vonni that looks like it could have been a Sandra Garrat ORIGINAL. Are we back to modular dressing, dolls? What do we think?

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4 Comments Multiples Are Back?

  1. Denise E

    I have a purple jumpsuit, front zipper, and two waistbands/cowls; short in purple and long in turquoise. Size petite. For sale. Contact me.

  2. styrch

    I was wondering the same thing, actually. I’ve been seeing so many companies that have a multiple style dress lately (Victoria’s Secret comes to mind). You could technically even say something like DKNY’s Cozy style is a multiple of sorts (there are so many ways to wear it). I haven’t seen too many of the “is it a top?”/”is it a skirt?” tubes yet, but I know they are out there. Of course, that being said I think some of the multi-way items out there now are much better than the ones from Multiples. (This coming from a former Multiples wearer).


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