Savage Eyes At The F/W 2012 Docks En Seine Runway Show

Check that wild, glossy, burgundy-black eye on the runway at Docks En Seine.

Estée Lauder Creative Makeup Director Tom Pecheux led a team of 15 artists to create the stunning look on 30 models–while manicurist Christina Conrad and her team polished their nails with a new Pure Color Nail Lacquer that was tested backstage. Read on…

Says Tom, “Anthony’s collection is magical – very sexy, very luxurious, very fresh, very young. All of those elements combined inspired me to create a ‘Paris by night’ look, with the focus on the eyes. For me, the eyes represent the Parisian woman, it’s her signature. Anthony is a young designer, and it is important to keep the makeup young and fresh.”

Eyes: “The focus is on the eyes – black with a touch of burgundy and smudged, and a lot of mascara. I added a touch of gloss on the eyelid for an overall glamorous, imperfect, ‘lived-in’ look.”

Lips: “I used a natural lipstick color because it is soft but very beautiful – almost invisible.”

Nails: “The dark green nail color compliments the luxurious but cool fashion. The skin is very natural and fresh, so this deep shade gives a strong Winter spirit and a nice finishing touch. The shade is very dark, almost black, and the glow of the light reflects the green shade. I love the sophisticated rebel and offbeat spirit of this green shade. It’s very light metallic finish gives the shade a beautiful glow.”

What do you think of this look? I say it’s very GRRR, baby.

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