2012 Oscars Beauty: Sandra Bullock’s Ponytail Hairstyle

While I’m not a fan of her FILLERS, I thought Sandra Bullock‘s plump ponytail was MAJOR. Here, the details on how to recreate it, courtesy of hairstylist David Babaii, who created the look

David’s inspiration was showcasing Sandra’s long, shiny, and natural mocha brown hair. To achieve the same deep chocolate shade, David suggests using professional hair color by IT&LY HAIRFASHION’S Colorly 20/20 Mocha Series.

To style, he began with Miracle Oil by David Babaii which was applied to gently towel dried hair for added shine and thermal protection. Next, he divided the hair into 4 sections (top, sides and nape) to ensure proper drying, smoothing each section perfectly straight. David used the nozzle attachment to control airflow along with a medium paddle brush to create this sleek straight finish.

To achieve the perfect pony, David lightly sprayed her hair with IT&LY HAIRFASHION’S Pure Definition Hairspray and started smoothing and lifting the hair into a high ponytail. This provides extra control and a frizz free shine.

According to David, “Use additional hairspray if needed, to ensure a sleek finish. I love Pure Definition Hairspray because it is light and a great working spray yet has fabulous memory hold”.

To secure, he used a coated band, wrapping a small section of the ponytail around the band several times and securing with a few bobby pins. Next, he added a combination of the Miracle Oil and Pure Definition Hairspray to the palms of his hands and slid down the ponytail for additional shine and sleekness. To finish, he added a small decorative pin to the side.

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