Clinique Introduces SEVEN New Almost Lipstick Shades

Credit: Clinique

Clinique is truly like that ’80s band who introduces new hits all the time–but will always give the crowd what it wants–their original favorites in their original glory. Case in point? The brand’s EPIC Almost Lipstick franchise, slim lip hydrators boasting a bit of shine, a smidge of stain, a naughtily natural color–now available in seven new shades, each spun off of the original Black Honey.
It’s like BH is the “Three’s Company” to seven new “The Ropers” moments. I’m super into it. My fave is the Luscious Honey, a supremely wearable sheer pinked-off red. Here’s the full lineup of shades.

Black Honey
Tender Honey
Luscious Honey
Spicy Honey
Shy Honey
Flirty Honey
Lovely Honey
Chic Honey

Clinique Almost Lipstick retails for $15 at

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