Holiday Gift Guide: Revlon Ceramic Jumbo Waver

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Sparkle, Neely, sparkle: This is the 2011 BBJ Holiday Gift Guide. For more gift-worthy items for everyone on your list, check out my other offerings.

Holiday hair is an exalted version of the everyday coif–it’s polished, it’s a little more special, it’s never banal. It’s always festive. What I love about curling irons is that a budget version will work just as well as a $300 iteration. This three-pronged waver by Revlon? It retails for $21 and will garner your giftee undulating MERMAID hair on the double. It creates soft “S” waves that tumble totally naturally for smooth, glossy texture. Plus, I love how the heat tool’s look is so reminiscent of the crimpers of yore (I had a Vidal Sassoon one I only WISH I could locate in 2011).

Behold, my favorite crimp enthusiast, Lea Thompson’s “Howard the Duck” character.

Snag one for your mane maniac of a friend who’s always asking what she should do with her hair with a little note that says “Wonder no more!” I find it’s best for gals whose hair won’t hold a curl at all–somehow an “S” wave is like a curling “training bra.” A full helix spiral is somehow out of the realm of possibility but a little figure 8 action works every time. I suggest holding the tool horizontally and taking small sections of hair at a time for best results. Your hair will boast more twists than the plot of a telenovela.

The Revlon Jumbo Ceramic Waver is available at

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  1. Talia Gibson Girl

    A few years ago I was trying to rig up a device from curling irons, that would be capable of making an Elizabethan style ruff collar (they were made by starching and ironing.) That thing looks like it would have been perfect.


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