Vested Interest: Sabine Mongolian Fur Vest

Confession: I visited this Sabine Mongolian Fur vest online about 36 times before finally caving and purchasing it. I just adore it. It’s one of Rachel Bilson‘s picks on It’s just so PERFECT. So puffy. The right gossamer shade of grey. It’s a little steep at $189, BUT it’s real fur. Which sparked another conundrum for me; I try not to buy the stuff. THEN I read that no animals were harmed to create this garment, so a sheep was simply shorn. Greeeaaat, a nice haircut for a toasty ewe somewhere in the universe! Also, Dina and I constantly talk about our primal struggle: When IS a good time to wear a vest, and what outerwear garments do you rock on top? But know what? I just don’t CARE. I love this vest. I will wear it the entire winter/holiday season.

I can’t wait to welcome it into my closet.

The Sabine Mongolian Fur Vest retails for $189 at

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