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In the days of Saved By The Bell, Jessie Spano had ALL the answers. Nearly 20 years after the show came to a close, I’m still going to her for the answers–this time to my burning skin care questions, as she’s working with Proactiv Solution. P.S. Did anyone see the very Saved-By-The-Bell-opening-credits nails at Yigal Azourel Cut 25, courtesy of Butter London?

Yigal Azourel Cut 25 Nails

Check out the interview with Elizabeth below, where I talk with her about her top skin care products, tips and  about how she’s so excited… she’s so… scared.

Beauty Blogging Junkie: How has your beauty regimen changed since Saved by the Bell, skin care wise?

Elizabeth Berkley: I still use a lot of the same products to be honest. I have two products I have used since then that are still in my regular rotation. Purpose bar soap has never let me down! It is so gentle and cleansing and because it has no perfumes and is hypoallergenic–perfect for me—especially when I am on set shooting long hours to cleanse with something that gentle. I have also used Complex 15 moisturizer since 10th grade-seriously! I use the one made for body on my face. I also have worn sun-block for years, so that part of my regime has stayed the same. The last 10 years I get monthly facials as often as I can. I have been using Senna Cosmetics religiously too. That being said, I LOVE trying new things and like getting benefits from changing up your workout, I think it is good to mix it up a bit—even though I am very loyal.

BBJ: What are your top three skin care product go-tos?

EB: Proactiv top 3 products: The 3-Step System and I am also a huge fan of their Refining Mask and Oil Blotter Sheets! They save me because I am NOT a fan of powder! I am also in love with all facial products by Biologique Recherche.

BBJ: What are some of the best skin care tips you’ve learned in your acting career?

EB: So often we shoot outside and I am grateful that makeup artists I have worked with have always stayed on me to use sunblock—I’m grateful now, believe me! I travel often for work and I mist with a great mister by biologique recherché…ice is a great and cheap thing when you have a zit that is underneath the skin or is raised…it definitely takes any inflammation down. I made a video for my teen girls about this and they swear by it now too!

BBJ: What are your top three makeup tips?

EB: 1. I have learned that less is best. A great tinted moisturizer is key to create even and dewy skin. I love Senna, Bobbi Brown or Chantecaille.
2. Know what is going on your skin!
Our skin is our largest organ, so I am super careful about what goes on my skin. The fabulous makeup artist I worked with on “The L Word” created an amazing makeup line called Sappho! Liquid foundations preserved w/essential oils, dream eyeshadow is a great neutral, pressed w/organic jojoba oil and midnight escapade which is pressed with almond oil
3. If you have a tendency to get dark circles, again, less is best. So many concealers get cakey so fast. I love Cle de Peau Concealer in ochre—it is creamy and cuts and pink or blue!

BBJ: What was your favorite moment of Saved by the Bell?

EB: I have many favorite moments. I loved the time we shared in the school room between rehearsals and shooting (that was a show in itself!), I loved the nights we taped in front of a studio audience—it was like theatre or a giant pep rally!

BBJ: Are you still in touch with any of the SBTB cast members?

EB: Yes. We shared such a special time in our lives together—it is kind of a bond that lasts forever. Think about the special people you went to high school with…some of those people you carry with you forever—the memories definitely help shape who you are. And we have a lot of sweet memories with this group—it is why when we see each other, it is like no time went by.

BBJ: On a scale of 1 to SO FREAKING ANNOYING, how irritating is it when people ask if you’re so excited and so.. scared?

EB: Haha! You just made me laugh—not annoying at all! This continues to surprise me because I can’t believe how much people are obsessed with that episode in particular. At my book signing for “Ask Elizabeth” (self esteem book for teen girls), a guy actually begged me to sign a bottle of caffeine pills—it was hysterical. Anyway, whatever chord it struck, it seems here to stay—I laugh that many of the jobs I’ve done are a part of pop culture forever…and the show specifically holds a dear place in people’s hearts. It was definitely a more innocent time I think people still cherish.

BBJ: What drew you to partnering with Proactiv?

EB:After five years of working with adolescent girls across the US with my Ask Elizabeth workshops, I have had the privilege as a volunteer sitting with them in their schools: on their football fields, auditoriums, gyms etc. We share such a meaningful, authentic dialogue about all of the emotional issues that affect a teen girl’s life.

Girls’ skin and body image issues range up there in the most asked questions. I have heard so much suffering and self -loathing that comes from girls who do not feel good in their skin—literally. Sara, a brave 14 year-old from an LA workshop shared this for my book: “I had a complete breakdown about my face the other day. It often stops me from going out with my friends or on outings because I feel like everyone is staring at my face. People can tell you they don’t see the zits, but still you look in the mirror and that’s all you see.”

Partnering with Proactiv for a west coast workshop tour has been a blessing to the girls. Not only did they gift the girls the books, but it is such an amazing product that truly can help restore a girl’s confidence in their skin. Taking actions in self- care and giving girls tools emotionally and a tangible product that can help them makes me so happy. When you hear a girl like Sara say that she holds herself back from engaging in life because of how she feels badly about herself due to breakouts and her skin issues, I am grateful to be able to have the support of a company and product like Proactiv that can help them restore their sense of worth from the inside out!

BBJ: What’s your main skin concern?

EB: Because I live in LA most of the time, I am always careful about the sun. I never lay out and always wear sunblock. (I use Proactiv Daily Protection Plus Sunscreen SPF 30 or SkinCeuticals SPF 50) Even just walking around or driving , you can get exposure, so I always keep a hat in my car etc. I’m not crazy about it—just smart and careful. If you ever see me tan for CSI, that’s spray all the way–A girl is allowed one fake thing in Hollywood, right?!

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Thanks, Elizabeth!

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