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Guys! I’m heading to Turks and CAICOS in just NINE days, not that I’m counting (which yes, obv I am). In addition to cultivating a fake accent and backstory with which to dazzle fellow vacationers, I love nothing more than switching up my regularly scheduled makeup, hair and fragrance concepts on a trip. Here’s what I like to “product” when using “summer” as a verb (which, let’s be real with each other, is always the goal).

My usual makeup is a standard lotsa-lash situation (courtesy of my addiction to extensions, get involved), a bit of foundation/concealer and a medium-hued lip with moisture—usually a colored balm. When I let someone take me on a sea cruise (is there any other kind? I love how redundant the charming musical stylings of Frankie Ford are), I love a lot of LID color. Because I can’t be packing my entire stash of shadows, I love how Bobbi Brown’s Denim and Rose Face Palette boasts lots of options for eyes, lips and cheeks in a range of shades so I can be as subtle or as intense as I’d like. The Navajo Eye Shadow mixed with a bit of water makes for a spectac smokey eye. Pair with poolside ceviche and a maxi dress. Ooowee, baby!

How can you fully get in the spirit of resort-living without a coconut-inspired scent? Exactly, friends. Also, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that dudes love coconut. Perhaps it conjures searing visions of their Baywatch-sprinkled memories of adolescence. Bring them back Proust-style by showering with Molton Brown Ultrasmooth Coco de Mer Bath & Shower Gel. A post-shower coating of Fresh Rice Dry Oil won’t compete with the scent, but will moisturize your stunningly sienna self-tanned (obv) limbs with aplomb.

Hair is my everything, as regular BBJ readers know. I spend hours discussing it, washing it, conditioning it, studying my split ends with a magnifying glass (I wish I were exaggerating) and heat-styling it when on the exotic isle of Manhattan. When I’m in warmer climes, however, the first thing I check at the door, along with my tendency to use corporate lingo even in non-corporate situations, is my high maintenance locks. It’s all about sultry vaca waves, and I achieve them after conditioning my salt and sun-ravaged mane with Kiehl’s Sunflower Color Preserving Shampoo (no sulfates!) Aesop Revitalising Hair Sealing Conditioner and an application of Davines Momo Anti-Frizz Fluid. This Italian brand’s creamy hair hydrator turns wayward strands into calm, flowing mermaidesque locks.

What’s in your resort beauty bag, dollfaces?

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