Destination: Procrastination

Justin Bieber’s rocking some new jewelry–a tribute to The Family Guy’s Stewie. Mmkay
[MTV Style]

Got a .edu address? Casual sex is going viral. And not the way it used to (zing!)
[College Candy]

Thirteen celebs who have been falsely reported dead

A first-person account of what it’s like to be glambushed by Stacy and Clinton on What Not To Wear by The Frisky’s Julie Gerstein
[The Frisky]

This Walmart leopard tank is fabulous and only $12
[College Fashion]

This see-through lace dress is almost as hyster as Tamar’s epistolary shout-out to it
[Fashion Binge]

Makeup artist to MADGE Gina Brooke discusses what you need (and need to toss) for spring

I Say Something about how Jessica Simpson is the best businesswoman EVER!
[MTV Buzzworthy]

This happened: A Doc Martens/Hello Kitty collabo. The two crowds, it seems, are NOT mutually exclusive
[Fashion Pulse Daily]

She had the time of her life, I’ll bet: Kate Middleton may have indulged in a viewing of Dirty Dancing at her bachelorette party
[The Cut]

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