Secret Natural Mineral Deodorant: Odor Dies Of Natural Causes!

Odor has died of natural causes! The dude above, BTW, is the detective featured in my favorite Golden Girls episode (the murder mystery episode, obv), The Case of the Libertine Belle. I selected this photo of the gumshoe specifically, because this is the moment when Sophia quipped, “Does anybody but me think the hat is a LITTLE precious?” Priceless. Anywho, Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia and Rose were cracking a case of a murder, but our task today is to figure out how odor has died of natural causes

Secret Natural Mineral the latest launch from the deodorant brand and they’ve tapped into a natural, active ingredient which has led to odor’s demise. Calcium carbonate is the natural mineral used in Natural Mineral antiperspirant/deodorant. It was created with minimal processing and is a very pure and high quality form of mineral. Secret senior scientist Rolanda Johnson says that for best results, apply the deo at nighttime right before you go to bed, when the body is at its most natural temperature and most receptive to forming a strong barrier against perspiration. During the daytime the incidence of sweating may be a bit too much for the plug to form effectively. When applied at nighttime, the amount of sweat is very minimal and reaches the surface of the skin to interact with the active ingredient in the antiperspirant, forming a plug in the sweat gland. Reapply in the morning for additional protection.

I’m partial to the Eucalyptus Blossom scent, as I am a koala bear on the inside. Secret Natural Mineral is available for $4 at your local drugstore. 

Disclosure: Sample provided by Secret PR

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