Destination: Procrastination

Oh snap. Jennifer Aniston totally stole her fragrance idea from Seinfeld

The Yes to Blueberries Serum sounds pretty amaze

Don’t discount the discount at Kohl’s
[College Candy]

Ultraflesh mascara’s moniker was inspired by… porn
[Allure Daily Beauty Reporter]

Weren’t you JUST wondering how to dress like The Vampire Diaries’ Elena Gilbert?
[College Fashion]

Some tips for going minimal when it comes to fashion
[Fashion Pulse]

Dina unleashes her inner Dita

A leopard print blazer that would make Dorothy Zbornak go CRA
[Fashion Binge]

A review of the new Jimmy Choo fragrance

Norma Kamali revolutionizes shopping experience

I’ll be going on Fandango NOW to buy tickets to the Tom Ford-directed remake of Roller Boogie
[The Cut]

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