Guest Post: Julia Murphree On Corporate Lingo In Everyday Life

Beauties, you know I love nothing more than making fun of corporate lingo. Tragically, since my lifestyle involves only two days a week within the hallowed halls of 2 World Financial Center, I’m a bit out of practice when it comes to incorporating it into my lexicon for laughs now that I’m “out of pocket.” But my gal Julia Murphree, who’s a major Maybelline P.R. muckety muck emailed me today about bringing corporate speak back into everyday convos. Since she’s always switching between Maybelline execs/friends, she often mixes the two up. Ready for a “paradigm shift?” Some examples, in the sage words of Julia:

·         What “next steps” will you take with the guy you’re interested in?
·         Let’s “get the ball rolling” on vacation plans.
·         Maybe we should talk “off-line” when (insert name of annoying acquaintance) isn’t here.
·         Start thinking “outside the box” about where we should go to dinner.

·         This champagne cocktail is a “win/win” for everyone.
·         You really “hit a homerun” with those new Loubs.
·         What’s your “availability” for dinner next week?
·         It’s “all hands on deck” for Lindsay’s intervention.
·         How can we “leverage” our friend Chopin’s discount at Calvin?
·         Her outfit is totally “locked and loaded.”
·         We should really consult with (hairstylist) before (makeup artist) “moving forward.”
·         After a bad night, I feel “utilized.”

HILAR and brill, right, dolls? What are your favorite ways to involve corporate lingo into every day life? 

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  1. Jen

    Ah ha! I’m at Nomura. Your blog keeps me occupied on slow days and thankfully it’s one of the only blogs that hasn’t been blocked here! 🙂


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