Favorite Things of 2010 Video Part 2!

Oh, and in case you missed Part 1 of Tamar‘s and my journey through all the best in beauty this year, here it is. I warn you, we get progressively more drunk as the videos go on, thanks to fearing looking awkward while the other is rattling off one of the things on her “faves” list.

Mentioned in this video:

Tamar: Stila Raspberry Crush
Amber: Paul and Joe Palette
Tamar: Clarins Holiday Palette Barocco
Amber: Chanel Nail Polish in Riva
Tamar: Deborah Lippman Bad Romance Polish
Amber: Carmindy All Over Brightener

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5 Comments Favorite Things of 2010 Video Part 2!

  1. beautybets

    I’m watching this at 10am and craving wine now, thank you v. much.

    Anywho, can we see the Riva in action on your nails come spring? I’m picturing something chalky blue, so the shimmer intrigues me.


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