Smooth and Groomed or Au Natural?

Remington and have teamed up to create, “Keep It Hairy?”– HILAR a rap video that wittily ponders the age-old question, “to groom or not to groom?” Check out the video above and watch Shaved and Hairy (played by Kirk Ward and JR Reed, respectively) face off on  smooth vs.stubble and vote for #TeamShaved or #TeamHairy on Facebook and Twitter!

And, if you need a gift for your man, now would be a great time to go to for 25% off the Back & Body Extendable Groomer.  Enter the discount code Bro123 at checkou, good through December 31, 2010.

So what say you? Team Shaved or Team Hairy? For me personally, unless it’s a Chewbacca situation, I’m not put off by hair. What bothers me more than hair is a dude who’s better groomed than I. And the real question: Why is Hairy’s chest forest shaped like the continental U.S.? I don’t find THAT under “sexy” in the dictionary.

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