Holiday Gift Guide: Manuel Canovas Bois de Lune Candle

There’s a time in every urban gal’s life when she has to take whatever measures necessary to feel like she lives in a for real abode and not a dollhouse. Not a diorama. It’s a two-step process, really.

The first is buying yourself a pair of sick sparkly shoes. I recommend these Jimmy Choos. The second? Investing in a Manuel Canovas Bois de Lune candle ($60 for the 6.6 oz). It simulates perfectly the woodsy coziness that goes along with single-family detached homes (I’ve become obsessed with attached versus unattached homes since reading Keith Richards‘ biography Life) when you’re living sans a fireplace.

It makes a delightfully festive gift when you want to bring a little bit of suburbia to your friend in the concrete jungle.

Disclosure: I purchased this candle with my own cash money.

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