Recommended Reading: Your So-called Life + A Giveaway

I was at my parents’ house in my former bedroom rocking a little zit cream on my screaming phone-zone uninvited FRIEND catching up on teen mags dealing with crippling cramps, listening to Jon Secada‘s Just Another Day and wondering why I don’t have a boyfriend A FEW WEEKS ago when it occurred to me that astoundingly little has changed for me since 1993.

My gal Andrea Lavinthal and her longtime co-author Jessica Rozler figured out that this is a common phenomenon and penned Your So-called Life, a hilarious tome for those–like moi–in the throes of a thrisis (Andrea and Jessica’s word). Chock-full, as this duo’s books tend to be, with fun charticles, and funny prose this read is “A guide to boys, body issues, and other big-girl drama you thought you would have figured out by now.”

Read more and see below for how to enter for a chance to win a copy!

As I turned 30 a few months ago, the timing could not have been better. My thrisis lives on, but I feel better about it knowing there are oarsmen in my canoe of late-to-the-grown-up-party (in certain ways) despair. 

Buy your copy of Your So-called Life here.

Want to enter to win a copy of Your So-called Life? If you haven’t already, fan Beauty Blogging Junkie on Facebook and you’re entered! A random fan will be chosen as the winner on Friday, October 29. I’ll message the winner that day to get address information for the prize to be sent. Good luck, darls!

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