Kenneth Cole Spring 2011 And Blogger Dinner

As you can see, the epic Kenneth Cole does not miss out on an opportunity to throw some of his clever, pithy copywriting on some stuff–not even when it comes to furniture. This is one of the chairs at the designer’s first blogger dinner and Kenneth Cole Spring 2011 collection launch last week. Considering this was his first foray into a social media-driven event, he demonstrated he’s a fast learner and got the concept of a new-media invitation by recording a video invite to all the blogger recipients on a Sony Bloggie.

Here’s Kenneth Cole’s opening statement to us bloggers at the dinner. I snagged Wendy Lam‘s video, as my seat was a bit further away.

The dinner was a holistic branded experience–each course was inspired by the clothing line’s three themes: the rainforest, the desert and the mountains. The pieces are subtly fabulous, as are many of Kenneth’s collections. I coveted fiercely a yellow-chartreuse frock that I WILL buy, a pair of brown sandal wedges and a mauve suede purse, to be specific. The fabrics range from gossamer white sheer whisps, reminiscent of the mountains to heavier denser cotton with cargo detailing, recalling aspects of the desert. Below, some pics from the dinner.

The brown wedges of which I spoke, in front!

Could you die over that yellow dress on the right? As Wayne Campbell said, “[It] will be mine.”

The collection “going.”

Cute cater-waiters carried trays of accessories. Adorbs!

Anne Fritz of The Jet Set Girls and I talking to Kenneth Cole Creative Director Ingo Wilts.

An inspiration board!

Kenneth and Ingo chatting with some bloggers.

Don’t forget to do as Kenneth says–the man is in need of friends! “Like” his brand on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

What are your thoughts on the Kenneth Cole Spring 2011 collection?

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