Teeth Bleaching with Dr. Thomas Connelly

That smile you see at left is that of yours truly, pre- and post-KöR Deep Bleaching at Dr. Thomas Connelly‘s office. My color crony Jason Backe introduced me to this celeb dentist who took my teeth to Taylor Lautner levels of white in just an hour with little pain–even with my sensitive teeth. I felt slight sensitivity here and there in the course of the first day–but other than that, it was a pretty comfortable experience.

Now, I’ve tested several at-home teeth whiteners and many work pretty well.  What’s different about this whitening procedure? It works to get teeth whiter because when the dentist receives the whitening agents, they are normally fresher and as such much stronger when used on the teeth of the patient–thanks to its lack of contact with the air until the moment of bleaching. The freshness is due to the fact that the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching System is taken from a completely refrigerated manufacturing and delivery protocol, and is thereafter kept refrigerated in the doctor’s office before it is used. The refrigeration is key for higher potency, leading to longer lasting effectiveness. Also, refrigeration is great for patients who tend to experience hypersensitivity, because the bleach remains fresher for a longer time, so there’s no need to add irritating chemicals in order to increase shelf life.

When I asked how to maintain my sparkling new smile, Dr. Connelly advised me to stick to clear, when I’d asked what foods I should avoid. I briefly envisioned a diet of the congealed substance Gefilte Fish comes in and cellophane noodles when I realized he meant only beverage-wise. Phew. Bonus: Dr. C. confirmed my artery-clogging level of creaming my coffee is at least good for my teeth, if not for my girlish figure. He recommends you use six (delish!) of those mini cream containers to up the ratio of light liquid to dark. Yum, yum, yum.

I’m loving my brighter smile and have been celebrating by rocking some of my more yellow-based reds I’ve been eschewing pre-bleach because they didn’t make my smile look as white as it does now. But if you’re hell-bent on teeth that are Chiclet-white, (or haven’t yet gone to Dr. C to rid stained teeth from your lifestyle) look into La Prairie’s Midnight Blues Collection Lipsticks ($55 each).  There’s a bevy of blue-red lavishly luxe caviar-infused pout-prettifiers from which to choose and rock to your upcoming holiday parties.

The KOR treatment consists of two in-office treatments that take about an hour each and a month’s worth of at-home trays and will cost you from $1,500-$2,000.  Call Dr. Connelly’s office at 646-201-9119 to make an appointment.

Disclosure: Procedure provided free for editorial consideration.

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