Spanx Hide & Sleek Girl Short

In winter, all seems right with the world because I’m constantly in a “holding pattern,” (as my gal Tracy says) thanks to my Spanx Tight End Tights. But in the summer, the toned-ness of my tummy is more of a crap shoot. Until now.

I don’t know about you, but most control panties are way too long for me (I must dress like a hussy in the summer–I’ve long since discovered that I’ll either be the tartiest person at my financial freelance gig or the dowdiest at my post-work event. I choose the former.). But once I discovered the Spanx Hide & Sleek Girl Short ($46-$50), my summer sartorial situation has dramatically improved. These puppies give me the smooth tummy coverage I need (especially when I’m sitting at a computer all day–I hate any type of bulging) but don’t show past my flirty frocks.

Get the Spanx Hide & Sleek Girl Short at

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