What’s On Kirstie McDermott’s Vanity?

 The What’s On Your Vanity Series showcases a single beauty item a blogger loves because it’s effective, but also she feels she must keep out on top of her vanity because the gorgeous packaging must be displayed.


One of my very favorite blogs is Beaut.ie (pronounced “beauty”). I lust after Kirstie and Aisling‘s glamazing makeup collection coverage, some of which features eye-catching Irish brands I can’t purchase in the US. For me, it’s like buying a foreign version of a favorite magazine… but whilst still being able to enjoy it in English. It feeds my soul the same way a stolen hour on the floor at a Barnes and Noble with an Australian Vogue does. These gals are such gifted wordsmiths that I leave the site wishing I were Irish. The fabulous Kirstie McDermott agreed to share with BBJ readers what’s on her vanity. In her words:

My product is (perhaps predictably) a Guerlain one. It’s the Meteorites Voyage compact in Mythic, from the Cherry Blossom collection. At €143, this is pretty much worth keeping on display based on price alone, but like the majority of the brand’s products I’ve tried, it combines style and function.

I’m pale, and I like to keep it that way, eschewing fake tan and staying
out of the small amount of sun we get in Ireland. Because of that the
Meteorites line suits me thanks to its paleness – my skin is dry and can
look lack-lustre when made up, so I find that a sweep of this across
cheekbones, down the nose and across the forehead, delivers back a sheen that looks healthy. Too much and you begin to look robotic, but a light hand definitely peps up pale complexions. While the compact is refillable, a point in its favour, each one lasts forever. The powder itself is scented with violets, which is a retro-glam touch I adore.

One of Guerlain’s strongest points of difference as a brand is the effort
they put into their product packaging. They regularly work with sculptors and jewellers to create beautiful, high-end casings for everything in their ranges – the Idylle bottle was created by designer Ora Ita and the James Bond-esque Rouge G de Guerlain lipsticks come to us courtesy of jewellery designer Lorenz Bäume. The limited-edition metal and enamel Meteorites Voyage compacts are just as carefully thought-out, and I have a couple in my collection. This one is curvy, weighty and polished, inlaid with pink enamel in several shades. It sits comfortably in the palm of your hand and radiates sheer glamour. It is just the thing to pull out of your handbag to draw gasps of admiration. In fact, it’s almost too nice to use.

Well, almost!

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1 Comment What’s On Kirstie McDermott’s Vanity?

  1. SeeJaneSell

    I adore this Guerlain compact and was just lusting over it at the shop yesterday! I think it will be perfect for keeping the summer shinys away. I’ve been using The Meteorites Poudres de Perles Nacres ( http://bit.ly/MeteoritesPoudresDePerles ) and love it but I want that elegant compact sooo badly. It is a bit more matte, yes? Ah, that lovely violet scent, these stunning powders are pure ladylike beauty. Adding: the compacts are a much better idea than the boules- more than once they’ve tipped in the sink…on the floor….sad 🙁


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