Eyelash Extensions At Courtney Akai Boutique Salon

My eyelash extensions obsesh rages, friends. It seems I waited until I owned every mascara under the sun before eschewing them all for the delight of waking up looking done and glamorous, thanks to the permanence of the dramatic delights that have established residency on my lids since last December.

This time, I headed to the sparkly pink salon of the fabulous Courtney Akai. If Cher Horowitz and Elle Woods were to become partners of their own law firm (don’t you see Cher following in the litigation laced steps of her father?), their offices would surely resemble Courtney’s. Her boutique is located at 501 5th Avenue, Suite 1211.

Check out my lashes (left, apologies for the admittedly amateur pic. This is with no makeup right before I was about to go to bed). Courtney’s process is lengthy–about two hours–but her precision is worth it. And because Courtney is such a fun conversationalist, two hours flew by in the blink of an eye (HA!). We discussed everything from our favorite beauty products to the perils of dating in Manhattan. I left with a fan of thick, black lashes with a subtle curl at the ends. I’ve received countless compliments on them from perfect strangers.

The glue she uses is serious. It did sting a twinge, but I’ve seen a difference already in that I have yet to lose a single lash (quite normal with eyelash extensions. I typically shed a couple a day changing clothes, washing my face, sleeping) and it’s been six days. They feel a bit stiffer, as well. Courtney even assures me I can go swimming with them, an activity I’ve missed in my post-eyelash extension lifestyle. She also uses a closer, tighter technique applying the extensions to nearly every lash.

Courtney should be your go-to gal for any and all special occasions. Eyelash extensions with Courtney will cost you:

  • Full Set of lashes $400
  • Half Set $200 (half the amount for a very natural look, or they can just be applied to the outer half of the eye for a flirty look)
  • Touch-ups are $120/hour or $60/half hour

Call 212.867.8469 to make an appointment.

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Disclosure: This service was comped for editorial consideration.

6 Comments Eyelash Extensions At Courtney Akai Boutique Salon

  1. SeeJaneSell

    Wow! What a great post! My girlfriend and I have had an “Eyelash Extension Obsesh” for ages and just pulled the trigger 2 odd weeks ago. We LOVES them and I frankly cannot imagine being without. Rates here are about 1/4 of what you quote, but I am in a quaint Canadian city vs NYC 🙂

    We are both so happy with them and my morning make up and get out of the house routine is so much faster. No eyeliner, no mascara. Wow. I have probably lost around 6 or 7 in 2 weeks….and 2 of those I inadvertently pulled out. Now that I am used to how they feel I don’t fuss with them at all.

  2. Anonymous

    Courtney Akai Boutique Salon is the best — she is advanced certified to do the lashes (which is hard to find) with Novalash. They have the LONGEST lasting glue of any brands.

  3. R.Lin

    Do you find that lash extensions affect your natural eyelashes in any way? Do they get dried out from the glue? Do the naturals come out with the fakes, etc.? I’m just wondering because I’m really interested in getting fakes, but worried that it’ll affect the lashes that I already have.

  4. Amber

    Hey Ms!

    That is a good suggestion. Due to time constraints, I don’t think I can devote another post to the same places I’ve covered, but I’ll answer the question here. I find JJ Permanent Makeup on 32nd and 5th the best value, though it’s certainly not the most fancy. A full set will run you $90. I simply don’t have the budget to spend more than that each month. But if I DID, I’d be going to Courtney Akai more often. As it is, I’d definitely splurge for her services before a major event–a wedding, etc. Her glue has REALLY impressed me. Her lashes also seem to last the longest. It’s been a week and I have yet to shed a single lash. I usually shed at least a couple a day. Ria at Lashtique is also phenomenal and would be great option if you’re interested in going a little more luxe (mink lashes, for example). So for special occasions, both Ria and Courtney are great–Ria for her variety of lashes and mink and Courtney for the longlasting glue and the fact the lashes are a bit more dense. But for simple refills, head to JJ Permanent Makeup.

    Hope that helps!!


  5. ms

    I’ve been reading about your lash extension adventures with great interest, and have decided to take the plunge and make it part of my routine…

    Since you’ve been to a couple of different lash extension places, could you do a comparison? Which one would recommend, given cost and whatnot?

    Thanks – your lashes look amazing!


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